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About GL Consultancy & Services

GL Consultancy & Services / GL Consulting Pte Ltd / GL&T Consultancy Pte Ltd were incorporated in 2001, 2010 and 2019, respectively, providing one-stop Professional Consultancy services to the food and non-food related sectors and  services to the commercial and non-commercial sectors.

Professional Engineering Services in Singapore

Registered Inspectors

We work hand-in-hand and follow up on behalf of our clients and see through the projects till completion to ensure smooth and efficient project coordination, which translates to cost savings for our clients.

Registered Inspectors

Since 2003, we have successfully assisted many local SMEs and MNCs in achieving quality & food safety management certifications at the 1st attempt. Some of these companies are renowned internationally while others are household brands in Singapore.

Our consultancy experience covers a wide spectrum of establishments, ranging from food manufacturing, food catering, repacking, cold storage, food trading, food services to non-food industrial establishments.

To ensure successful implementation and sustainability of the management systems, we provide relevant trainings to the workgroups and staffs for the implementation and maintenance of management systems.

Singapore Production

Food and Non-food Industries - Certification of Management Systems

Our team of dedicated Consultants possesses years of valuable experience in the food and non-food industries with proven track record in delivering results strive to add value to the operations and assist our clients in realizing their business goals through certification of management systems.

Food and Non-food Industries - Certification of Management Systems

Why Us?

We provide one stop professional services to the food processing sector and professional building services to the commercial, industrial, and resident sectors.

We are a corporate member and approved HACCP / Food Safety Consultant of Singapore Institute of Food Science and Technology (SIFST). Our consultants are trained in their area of expertise and PMC (Practicing Management Consultant) Certified.

Projects Delivered
Industry Awards

Our Services

GL Consultancy & Services provide FSSD Submission, Mechanical Consultancy and Civil & Structural Engineering. Contact us for further discussion for your business need.


Singapore Engineering Consultation - Industrial / Commercial / Residential Premises

We have assisted many companies and individuals from various trades and businesses in fulfilling the requirement of the relevant authorities and/or obtained their approvals.

Singapore Construction Services

  • Building Plan
  • Periodical Inspection
  • Structural Approval & Permit
  • Building Plan
  • Fire Sprinkler Systems
  • Fire Suppression Systems
  • Mechanical & Electrical Works
  • Mechanical & Ventilation Systems
  • A&A Works
  • Air Conditioning Works
  • Hacking Permit
  • Outdoor Refreshment Area (ORA)
  • Carparks Approval
  • Change of Use
  • A&A Projects

(Eg. Acendas Pte Ltd, Jurong Town Corporation, Mapletree Investment Pte Ltd, etc.)

  • A&A Projects


  • Implementing ISO 22000 : 2018
  • Implementing ISO 9001
  • Implementing HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point) Systems
  • Providing Food Hygiene Training
  • FSMS (Food Safety Management System)
  • ERP (Emergency Response Plan)
  • Hygiene Inspection Services for Eatery outlet and Factory etc.
  • Customized In-House Training Programmes
  • Conducting internal audits according to HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point) and ISO 22000’s standards
  • Designing Food Factory Layouts (Food Storage, Processing and Central Kitchen)
  • Obtaining various SFA (Singapore Food Agency) Licenses
    1. Meat & Seafood Establishments
    2. Other Food Processing Establishment
    3. Food Storage Warehouse

Designing Food Factory in Singapore

  • Risk Assessment for Notification and Registration for Factories (MOM)
  • Designing Mechanical Layouts (Fire Protection, Exhaust, Air-Condition Systems)
  • Designing Architectural & Structural Layouts
  • Submitting Factory Layout to Relevant Authorities
  • Providing Project Management Services
  • Assist on the grant application EDG (Enterprise Development Grant) from ESG (Enterprise Singapore), if eligible.


Singapore Engineering Consultation - Certifications Standards

Since 2003, GL Consultancy & Services have provided HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point) Consultancy Services to many local or foreign companies. Some of these companies were renown internationally while some were household brands in Singapore.

The HACCP scope covered a wide spectrum, ranging from trading, repacking, cold store, food processing to catering. The range of products includes dry foodstuffs, chilled and frozen food, raw, cooked and ready-to-eat products.

We provide training to the staffs and assist the company in the successful implementation of the HACCP system and in obtaining certification. The Consultants have also been trained to expand the Consultancy Services to ISO 22000.

  • Implementing ISO 22000 : 2018
  • Implementing ISO 9001
  • Implementing HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point) systems
  • Providing Food Safety training
  • Customized In-House training Programmes
  • Conducting internal audits (e.g. HACCP, ISO 9001, etc.)

GL Consultancy & Services – Certifications in Singapore

Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP)

The HACCP is a certification for systematic preventative measures suitable for ensuring food safety during the production process. This system is derived from the Codex Alimentarius, a collection of internationally recognised specifications related to food manufacturing. The Food and Agriculture Organisation (FOA) and World Health Organisation (WHO) are notable members of the Codex Alimentarius Commission (CAC). The CAC adopts a scientific approach in formulating its standards, and hence, it is internationally regarded as reliable.

This system helps organisations in identifying and preventing potential hazards that can jeopardise the food safety of finished products. The system can encompass all stages of food manufacturing, from production to packaging and distribution. Potential hazards during the production process can come from physical, chemical, and biological hazards. Mitigating these hazard risks to acceptable ranges will be the ultimate objective.

ISO 22000 Food Safety

The ISO 22000 is part of the international voluntary consensus standards that define the requirements for food safety management systems. It is the most popular voluntary and internationally-upheld food safety standard. It accommodates Interactive communications, system management, prerequisite programmes (PRP’s), and HACCP Principles. This standard is also compatible with ISO 9001.

ISO 22000 standard requires that organisations be able to demonstrate adequate food safety controls reliably. It also stresses communication between upstream and downstream organisations for hazard(s) control within the food chain. Effective communications help facilitate the delivery of safe food products from the production line to the consumers. In short, organisations must demonstrate adequate control of food safety hazards, ensuring that end products are eventually safe for consumers.

British Retail Consortium (BRC)

The BRC had originally published the BRC Food Technical Standard and Protocol for food suppliers in 1998. These standards are not only applicable in the UK but also around the world. The BRC plays a large part in campaigning for and shaping the retail industry. It also establishes the standards for food safety and ensures that food manufacturers and retailers abide by statutory obligations.

These standards put consumer safety first and potentially reduce audit duplication for food manufacturers. BRC has global standards for packaging and packaging materials, storage and distribution, consumer products, agents and brokers, and retail.

FSSC 22000

The FSSC 22000 is a certification scheme relating to the auditing and certification of food safety management systems (FSMS). It is backed by the European Food and Drink Association (CIAA) and the American Groceries Manufacturing Association (GMA). It also has recognition from the Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI) and other accreditation bodies worldwide. It is also compatible with existing ISO 22000, ISO 9001, and different 223 PAS standards.

This certification is applicable for many types of organisations involving the food supply chain. It consists of defining, evaluating, and controlling hazards and risks throughout various food production and distribution stages. Scopes and product categories can include perishable animal and vegetal products, stable ambient products, and (bio) chemical manufacturing.

This program assists operators within the food chain in creating good hygiene practices (GHP). It does so by establishing hygiene monitoring systems and Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) for industry personnel. This program overlaps with other FSMS and is a crucial component of food safety.

These SOPs can extend from production to distribution. Emphasis is on hazards risk identification (physical, biological, and chemical) and their eventual mitigation. In addition, personnel are given the training to observe hygienic practices throughout the food production process. This certification ensures that food production practices are both safe and sanitary.

This program aims at helping operators in creating an operation that is both sustainable and practical. One of the elements crucial to long-term sustainability is a thorough assessment of what keeps the operation running. This program helps operators in identifying important resources such as raw materials, and essential skills that are necessary. It can also involve the conception of food and service presentation to consumers.

Successful identification of these elements can allow for better management. This program allows operators in developing strategies that maximise the potential of their establishments by leveraging existing resources. If properly implemented, it can enrich both the operator experience as well as the final consumer experience. In short, good food service concepts and resource management are significant contributors to sustainability.

Preparing food in a suitable environment is an essential factor affecting many other aspects of production quality. This program assists manufacturers in creating adequately designed food plants and central kitchens. Central kitchens and food plants are centralised locations where food will be prepared. Food products will then undergo distribution and selling to consumers.

This program also aims to help organisations in ensuring food safety, regulations compliance, and adequate facilities. These are all vital elements that organisations need to establish brand and consumer trust. An excellent and thought-out design of the workplace can further enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of the entire operation. In short, a well-designed facility can help organisations ensure that there is no compromise to food quality and safety.

This is a sanitation program that intends for the regulation of matters related to cleaning operations. Sanitation and sanitary practices are some of the most basic preventative measures against potential hazards. These hazards can occur in any stage of production, storage, and distribution. Hence, it warrants great attention and due consideration.

The program strives to help manufacturers create cleaning activities that are cost-effective, non-labour intensive, effective, and efficient. Knowledge and skills relating to cleaning can be more accessible under this program. This allows operators great access to resources they can use to achieve excellent workplace hygiene. Excellent hygiene is paramount to food safety and is an indispensable component to any organisation that handles food.


Singapore Engineering Consultation - Exhaust Mechanical Layouts, Air-condition Systems Mechanical Layouts

GL Consultancy & Services also assist businesses and individuals with the following services

  • Design of Structural Works
  • Design of Sprinkler, Heat & Smoke Layouts
  • Architectural Layouts
  • Mechanical Layouts (Exhaust, Air-Condition Systems)

Why We Are Different









Our Consultants

Our consultants are PMC (Practising Management Consultants) certified. We have a strong team of project managers, drafting personnel and project consultants. Together, they have many years of practical experience and were involved in many major projects.

Linda Goh

Projects Consultant

Phone: +65 9731 6003

Area of Expertise
Project Management which consists of:

  • Food Factory Layout Planning and Submission
  • General Factory / Warehouse / Commercial Shop Layout Planning and Submission
  • Food Services / Foodshop Licensing and Submission
  • Compliance Licenses / Certificates Application Services (to various technical departments of Authorities)
  • Designing M&E Layouts (Fire Protection, Exhaust, Air-Condition Systems)
  • Designing Architectural & Structural Layouts (industrial, commercial, residential)
  • Clarification on Relevant Authorities’ Regulations

Michelle Pang

Projects Consultant

Phone: +65 9682 6817

Area of Expertise
Project Management which consists of:

  • Food Safety Management Systems (ISO22000, FSSC22000, SS590, SS 583, HACCP)
  • Quality Management Systems (ISO9001)
  • GMP (ISO 22716, cGMP 21 FDA CFR 211)
  • Customised In-house Training in Quality, Food Safety, Food Hygiene etc.
  • Food Safety and Quality Management Systems’ audits

Tan Siew Yen

Projects Consultant

Phone: +65 9843 7319

Area of Expertise
Project Management which consists of:

  • Food Safety Management Systems (ISO22000, FSSC22000, SS590, HACCP)
  • Quality Management Systems (ISO9001)
  • Customised In-house Training in Quality, Food Safety, Food Hygiene etc.
  • Food Factory Layout Planning and Submission
  • Food Safety & Hygiene Inspection
  • Risk Assessment for Notification and Registration for Factories (MOM)
  • Halal Management System (HalMQ)

Our Clients

Some of our valued clients are the major players in their respective industries. We continue to work in partnership with them to support them in their businesses.

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