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Realise your infrastructure projects in Singapore with the best civil & structural engineering consultation in the city-state. Develop plans and prepare all the necessary resources and compliance with the assistance of GL Consultancy and Services Singapore. Our firm, founded in 2001, is your one-stop firm for all your engineering needs, from engineering design to project issue resolution.

Are you looking for civil & structural engineering assistance that actually delivers what you need? If so, then GL Consultation and Services is the firm you’ve been looking for. With a commitment to quality and innovation, GL civil and structural engineering services aim to provide not only intended outcomes but results that advance the success of our clients. Know more about our services here to learn how our GL consultants can help you with your civil and structural projects.

Civil & Structural Engineering

What is Civil and Structural Engineering in Singapore?

Civil & Structural Engineering

Civil & structural engineering are disciplines that involve the analysis, construction, and design of infrastructure projects. Structural engineering deals with the reinforcement of loads in construction to ensure the safe development of both proposed and existing structures. Civil engineering, on the other hand, encompasses the overall engineering fields related to construction. While civil engineering consultants ensure that all construction aspects are taken into consideration, structural engineering consultants ensure that these structures are sound and will not collapse.

Civil and structural engineering consultants are independent practitioners who offer their opinion regarding some engineering problems. It could be about the bridge and building conditions, design and rehabilitation, or utility construction. Acquiring the expertise of professionals, particularly civil and structural engineers can make the difference between a quality project and one that’s below the acceptable standards. And other than for professional opinion, you can also acquire civil and structural services to come up with engineering design, feasibility reports, construction supervision, and investigation.

What Can Civil and Structural Engineering Services Offer for You?

Civil & structural engineering design is one of the most common services of our consultants. It is the plan that engineers follow to identify and solve the issue they’re handling. Meanwhile, feasibility reports help project undertakers to know whether a project is practical and doable. Construction supervision involves periodic visits, interpretation of plans, processing of contractor payment estimates, and final inspection. You may also acquire civil and structural services for legal purposes, procurement advice, and other matters specific to the project.

In GL Consultancy Singapore, our civil and structural engineering consultants offer top-quality engineering consultation and services that are in line with the industry standards and practices. From design to site supervision, we assure smooth and efficient project coordination and ensure the realisation of your goals. Whatever you need, our GL consultancy & services – civil and structural engineering consultants possess the top qualifications to perform the services.

Structural Engineering Services

  • Structural foundation drawings
  • Load foundation calculations
  • Load and load combination plans based on codes and standards
  • Structural engineering design
  • Review of drawings for structural adequacy

Civil Engineering Services

  • Plan drawing for compliance
  • Construction support and supervision
  • Design and calculations for site grading, road access, drainage, etc.
  • Procurement
  • Preparation of tender/contract documents
  • Appraisals and valuation

Other Civil and Structural Engineering Services

  • Estimate and costing
  • Preparation for Civil and structural bids and proposals
  • Mediation support
  • Third-party assurance
  • Construction Quality Control

Why Do You Need Civil and Structural Engineering Services in Singapore?

Enhance Efficiency

Time is a critical factor in every infrastructure construction, and delays are always the big challenge in these undertakings. A civil structural engineer can mitigate risks of delay by mapping out the project to the littlest details. Civil and structural engineering design services ensure the smooth and efficient progress of the construction, from procurement of materials to every milestone.

Ensure Structurally Sound and Safe Projects

You wouldn’t want your building to collapse during or even after construction. Consulting with GL consultancy & services engineers will ensure that the structure is sound and safe for everyone. Civil & structural engineering consultancy can make sure that the projects commence and finish with no dangers in the safety and health of the environment and community.

Manage Costs

Cost is another critical constraint in infrastructure projects. With civil engineering professionals by your side, you can create an efficient budget to manage the outflow of resources. Most particularly in projects with very limited funds, hiring an engineering consultant will allow you to maximise the returns from the resources to achieve your goals.

Improve Quality Control

Civil and structural engineering design services keep building and other structure plans in line with the quality control and safety standards in Singapore. Proposed projects involve a lot of compliance submissions to ensure that it follows all structural requirements and procedures. Working with a professional civil, structural engineer in these projects will make things more convenient for you as they are well-versed with the codes, standards, and requirements necessary to bring the project to success.

How Can Civil & Structural Engineering Design Service Help You?

Civil and structural engineering consultants play a critical role in construction and renovation projects of all types. Just like in any other field, you need the expertise and support of a professional engineer in starting infrastructure projects. Our expert engineering consultants can help you if you’re facing engineering design, procurement, or submission problems that you cannot resolve.

Our civil and structural engineering consultants can give you a fresh perspective and solution to identify and solve the issue. The GL civil & structural engineering design services can add insights into what’s missing with your current plan to make it more solid and efficient. You may also consult with our experts to implement amendments in the plans or to comply with regulatory submissions in Singapore.

Civil & Structural Engineering

Guarantee of Our Civil and Structural Engineering Services

Consultants With Qualifications and Experience

Our consultants possess the highest qualifications required for the job, so you can rest assured that your projects are in safe hands. With varied specialisations and experiences, our consultants are the best you will find in Singapore to know what to do when you need them.

Quality and Standards Compliance

GL consultants are trained to apply industry standards and quality controls in any infrastructure project. We will ensure your timely and complete regulatory approval applications so you can achieve your target schedules right on time.

Time and Cost Efficiency

We want to help you the best we can to maximise your time and budget. Years of training and experience have given our consultants a good foundation on how to efficiently allocate time and cost to your project. If these are your biggest limitations, then our engineering consultants will find just the right solutions to open more possibilities for you.


GL Consultancy & Services prides itself in being a leader in employing innovative methods and resources in helping our clients. Our number of loyal clients testify how our modern solutions have improved their progress to project completion.


We aim to be the engineering consulting firm the industry trusts. And so, with our every client, we deliver consistent and honest services that bring the goals you wish to achieve. You can trust our civil and structural engineers to give their most objective insights and recommendations to solve project issues quickly and smoothly.

GL Consultancy & Services Assist You With Civil and Structural Engineering Projects in Singapore

Don’t settle for less, and go for the leading civil and engineering consultancy firm in Singapore. GL Consultancy & Services is recognised locally and internationally by different companies as providing top-quality services and consulting that yields advantageous benefits to clients. Acquire our civil & structural engineering consultancy services today and see your project come into success. Contact us today to know more about how our experts can help you achieve your goals!

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