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Any office, commercial, and retail construction or renovation works in Singapore require various permits and approvals before commencement. This includes a renovation permit, FSSD approval, and BCA recommendation. Processing these approvals cannot be done by the building owner themselves, but through Qualified Persons (QP). GL Consultancy & Services offers FSSD submission Singapore plus more services to complete your FSSD submission requirement.

To learn more what is FSSD submission and how GL Consultancy & Services can help you, here are the FSSD submission guidelines.

What is FSSD in Singapore?

The Fire Safety and Shelter Department (FSSD) is a subdivision of the Singapore Civil Defence Force (SCDF). FSSD holds the responsibility for the planning and implementation of the Civil Defense Shelter Program. The department also enacts two of the primary functions of the SCDF: approving plans relating to fire safety (FSSD submission) and issuing Fire Safety Certificates (FSC).

The FSSD was created to carry out the fire safety stipulations in the Fire Safety Act and the Civil Defence Shelter Act in Singapore. The office maintains and enforces the fire safety and CD shelter standards which secures the safety of the homes and workplaces in Singapore. FSSD ensures that all commercial and industrial establishments in Singapore possess the structural safety, means of escape, and fire fighting provisions necessary during eventualities.

FSSD Submission

What is a Fire Safety Certificate (FSC)?

One may apply for FSC after the completion of the building construction or renovation. The Fire Safety Certificate is the document attesting to the fact that you comply with the fire safety and CD standards. This also certifies that you have made your SCDF FSSD submission (before construction), had undergone building inspection (after construction), and passed all relevant criteria.

No business can operate or occupy a building without an FSC. Failure to comply with this requirement is neglect and a contravention of the Fire Safety regulation. Persons guilty of such offense are liable to a fine not exceeding $10,000, imprisonment up to 6 months, or both.

Only qualified persons may apply for an FSC. Therefore, if you wish to acquire an FSC for your building, you will need a Qualified Person (QP) to complete it on your behalf. Generally, Qualified Persons may be professional architects or engineers. Qualified architects usually handle the BCA submission and FSC application, while qualified engineers handle the FSSD submission Singapore documents.

What is BCA Submission in Singapore?

All new development projects in Singapore must also follow the requirements of the Building and Construction Authority (BCA). BCA is the statutory board that oversees and regulates Singapore’s building and construction industry. The board also provides advice and support to the FSSD through vetting and approval of the building plans.

BCA submission requires the tendering of the building plans for BCA approval. Similar to SCDF FSSD submission and FSC application, the BCA submission is made only through a qualified person. After the building plan approval, QP and the applicant can then apply for a BCA permit to commence work.

FSSD Submission

What is the Difference Between a Building Plan and Fire Protection Plan Submission?

Building plan submission is required for projects not involving systematic fire safety works or issues. For example, you’ll only have to make an FSSD BP submission for the installation of extinguishers, hose reels, and emergency exit lights. Additionally, you’ll also only need to submit a building plan to obtain FSC on small shops.

On the other hand, fire protection plan submission is required for proposed fire safety works in buildings. Fire safety works may include changes in the layout of fire compartments and the relocation of fire safety products. QPs for installation or changes in automatic fire alarm systems plan submission are professional mechanical and electrical engineers. And QPs for works relating to automatic fire sprinkler systems are mechanical, civil, and chemical engineers. There may be some cases that will need both a fire protection plan and FSSD BP submission.

What is FSSD Submission in Singapore?

FSSD is a requirement when planning on starting fire safety-related works in offices, commercial or industrial premises. The applicant, through a QP, shall submit the fire safety plans to the FSSD for approval. To get the FSSD approval, the proposed plans must comply with the FSSD submission checklist. This submission is mandatory, therefore failure to comply with this requirement is an offense of the law.

Why Do You Need FSSD?

Ensuring that every building is equipped with structural fire precautions, exit staircases, and other fire safety provisions is critical in ensuring preparedness in emergencies. Proper site planning and fire compartments are crucial in preventing and controlling situations of fire. It will also help save lives if buildings have fire-fighting systems to alert and evacuate civilians during a fire.

Further, FSSD submission is also a part of guaranteeing the success of SCDF’s Civil Defence Shelter Programme. This makes sure that every building in Singapore can be a safe and secure shelter for the civilians, especially from weapon effects during a war emergency. Additionally, you need FSSD compliance to avoid penalties and losses due to negligence.

FSSD Processes

Only a QP can complete the FSSD submission procedure. So appointing professional architects, engineers, and registered inspectors is your priority to proceed. After the appointment, the QPs can handle the FSSD submission procedure on your behalf. The QPs will be the ones to create and prepare the plans (e.g. building plan, fire protection plan, & mechanical ventilation plan).

Once complete, they will submit these plans to FSSD (SCDF) for approval and pay the appropriate FSSD submission fee. If the plans comply with all requirements, SCDF will issue a Notice of Approval (NOA) signifying the approved FSSD submission status.

Fire Plan Submissions

Preparation for fire plan submissions involves the following details.

  • Review of layout for the proposed addition or alteration works to fire safety systems
  • Site visit
  • A detailed review of the FSSD submission requirement and FSSD submission checklist
  • Preparation of building plan or fire protection plan
  • Appointment of Qualified Persons for FSSD BP submission or SCDF FSSD submission
  • Submission of plans, with payment of FSSD submission fee
  • FSSD submission status
  • Obtain NOA
  • Issuance of Certification of Supervision upon application of FSC
  • QP Endorsement

Minor Addition and Alteration (MAA) Works Submissions

Minor addition and alteration (MAA) works refer to the setup or removal of internal fittings which involves alterations to the building’s fire protection systems. These works that may affect the fire protection or safety hazards of the building will also require SCDF approval. Minor addition and alteration (MAA) work submissions involve the following details.

  • Site plan
  • Detailed floor plan indicating exits, exit staircases, and type of fire protection system in the building
  • Detailed layout plan of the proposed addition or alteration
  • Sectional plan of proposed addition or alteration
  • Partition details including the materials used
  • QP endorsement

FSSD Submission

FSSD Submission

When Will You Require A Fire Safety Plan Approval?

Under the Fire Safety Act and other fire regulations in Singapore, a fire safety plan approval is a requirement when building owners plan to undertake fire safety works. Examples of fire safety works include the following:

  • Change in design and layout of fire compartments
  • Change in design and layout of means of escape
  • Relocation of fire alarm panels, emergency exit signs, fire doors, etc.

Moreover, if the proposed building additions or alterations do not qualify under the FSSD submission exemption, you may need to consult with SCDF or QPs to verify the need for safety plan approval. Works with FSSD submission exemption includes:

  • Works not involving fire safety issues (e.g. replacement of shopfront signage)
  • Change of use of premises that does not result to higher risks in fire emergencies (e.g. change from an office to a shop)

How Long Does It Take to Obtain My FSC Upon Commencement of the Project?

FSC applications are only made after the completion of the fire safety work or construction. After the satisfaction of the FSSD submission checklist in the site inspection of the appointed QPs, they may apply for the FSC through the CORONET System. Within three working days from application, the SCDF will respond to issue your FSC. Moreover, the size, type and complexity of the project may affect FSC processing time.

GL Consultancy & Services Assist You with FSSD Submissions Singapore

GL Consultancy & Services – Singapore engineering consultation is your one-stop service provider for your residential, commercial, and industrial submission needs. Complete your compliance in no time with our competent and professional fire safety submission. You may rest assured that only the most qualified and most capable QPs who fully understand the FSSD submission guideline will handle your case. That is, to ensure that your building is fully equipped for any fire hazards and emergencies, and to fully comply with the fire protection regulations in Singapore.

Now that you understand what FSSD submission is, you now know how important it is to choose only the QP that will give you the most convenient and confident services. Contact us now to consult experts about your building alteration or renovation, and to avail yourself of top FSSD submission services in Singapore!

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