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Looking for the best engineering company for your industrial and commercial projects? Look no further! With years of solid and exceptional service since 2001, GL Consultancy and Services is the most recommended engineering consultancy firm for driving results with cost-saving benefits. And when it comes to new projects involving mechanical particularities, you can trust our mechanical consulting engineers to develop client-specific plans and solutions for you.

As a top Mechanical consultancy company in Singapore, we always dedicate ourselves to deliver competent guidance and recommendations. Our goal as a Mechanical consultant is to make your construction and renovation projects sound, safe, innovative, and sustainable. We make sure that you are fully satisfied and don’t have second thoughts about anything after the project is complete. And with our portfolio and customer reviews, we can safely say that GL Consultancy is the top choice for mechanical consultancy services in Singapore.

Mechanical & Electrical Consultancy

Mechanical & Electrical Consultancy

What is Mechanical Consultancy in Singapore?

Mechanical consultancy services provide professional advice and problem-solving solutions related to mechanical matters. Mechanical Engineers counsel you based on in-depth study and analysis of your project or case, whether for manufacturing or other purposes.

Depending on the area of concern, our Mechanical consultancy services generally involve gathering relevant information and goal setting. Then, using proven methodologies, we will help you identify your Mechanical issues and address them to achieve your goals.

Mechanical consulting focuses on solving problems relating to instrumentation & control, mechanical design & analysis, and mechanical devices. It also involves designing or suggesting improvements on existing systems and manufacturing processes. After preparing designs and plans, mechanical consultation also extends to testing results, reviewing the project, and estimating labour costs.

What Services Can Mechanical Consultants Offer for You?

Mechanical consultancy encompasses a wide range of services including, but not limited to, the following:

  • Development and improvement of mechanical system’s maintenance procedure
  • Design of mechanical parts and systems
  • Instruction on how to build or assemble an equipment
  • Test of mechanical tools and parts
  • Management and supervision of a project development
  • Troubleshooting mechanical issues
  • Evaluation of projects to ensure implementation of proper specifications and requirements
  • Estimate of a Mechanical project’s labour costs
  • Advise on an existing project plan
  • Equipment life estimate
  • Determination of plant space

Why Do You Need Mechanical Consultants in Singapore?

Address Issues Immediately

Professional mechanical engineers can help make handling projects easier especially if you’re facing technical issues which cannot be immediately resolved. These issues could be indicators of deficiency in the system design. Consulting with professionals will give you an assessment that you can address directly with professional recommendations. This will save you from incurring heavy system failure costs later on.

Outside Opinion

A mechanical consultancy service provider also gives added perspective to the project you’re working on. A structural engineer or architect’s insights might be insufficient in projects which also cover mechanical concerns. With our top Mechanical consultants in Singapore, you can be sure to get the most qualified expert opinion you need. Sometimes an independent or outside opinion is what will help you see the bigger picture of the issues you’re facing.

Specialised Skills and Experience

When it comes to innovative and sustainable Mechanical design, you can trust our Mechanical consultant Singapore. We guarantee our consultants’ skills and experience in various fields and ensure that our approach is up-to-date with the service’s modern demands. And if you are looking for speed and specialisation, our Mechanical consultant firm in Singapore is one of the best that can deliver that and much more.

When Will You Require Mechanical Consultancy Services in Singapore?

Design & Install Integrated Building Systems

Mechanical consultants can help you lead a technical design or coordinate the installation of your integrated building systems. They play a significant role in the construction of new buildings or the renovation of old ones. You would want to get the opinion of expert mechanical engineers, especially when putting together all the functioning systems of the building.

Industrial Engineering Solutions

GL Consultancy & Services prides itself in uncomplicated and fast resolution to any industrial and construction issues. Whether for component failure analysis or to address integrative system uncertainties, our top mechanical consultants in Singapore dedicate themselves to providing cost-effective and robust solutions to your mechanical challenges. Our consultants can help you untangle the obstacles that may be holding you back in creating a fully functional and efficient integrated system.

The Layout of Automotive Processes & System

You can get in touch with our mechanical consultant Singapore if you want to ensure that your facility’s proposed layout is efficient and has no issues. We can support you by identifying weaknesses and deficiencies and providing suggestions to correct them. GL Consultancy can review existing plans for you or design the layout from scratch. We can create layouts for fire protection, exhaust, and air-conditioning systems in Singapore.

Automation & Space Optimization

GL is a top company in the Singapore Mechanical consultant list providing innovative solutions to overcome automation, space, time, and other constraints in new projects. It could be that you want to relocate your mechanical facilities without compromising your budget or space. Trust in our mechanical consulting engineers to find a way to increase the efficiency and productivity of your facility.

Guarantee of Our Mechanical Consultant Company in Singapore

Standards Compliance

Singapore implements various standards and regulations when it comes to building facilities and systems. GL Consultation ensures full compliance with these standards not just to avoid penalties, but also to secure efficiency, safety and sustainability.


Safety is one of our primary goals in delivering our services. Our Mechanical consultant firm in Singapore guarantees engineering layouts that support safety and plan execution that protects the workers and other civilians.


You can trust our mechanical engineers to provide professional consultation and up-to-date competencies in every service. Our consultants possess the skills and experience to act as qualified persons (QP) in various construction or industrial submissions. More importantly, our Mechanical consultant company in Singapore assures certification and expertise in a wide array of specialisations.

GL Consultancy & Services Assist You With Mechanical Projects in Singapore

If you are looking for a one-stop firm for all your engineering needs in Singapore, GL Consultancy & Services is your best choice. The firm has been upholding and pushing industry standards since 2001 and continues to deliver commendable advice and service. And having rendered over 1000 project services, you can trust us to deliver more than what you’re money’s worth.

So come meet our experts and address your GL Consultancy & Services concerns with them. Contact us today and get assistance from the top Singapore engineering consultation firm in the Singapore GL Consultancy & Services list.

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